Field Training is an online school, developed by Burn 24-7, that equips students to live presence centered lifestyles and to pioneer expressions of night and day worship in their cities.

Frequently asked questions





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Field training is power-packed practical guide to implementing the Burn DNA to bring transformation to your community, city, and nation! We walk through the application of the Amos 9:11 reality from beginning to end. From the fire of his presence to the fragrance of His name released in the nations!


  • Participate from anywhere around the world

  • Go at your own pace

  • Learn from Burn 24/7 Leaders

  • Interactive FB Group

  • Helps you launch a Burn Furnace


Dan and Jenny

As we were going through this course both my wife and I were being affirmed with what the spirit was doing in our hearts and found such encouragement and increase for the passion for worship we already had.

BURN 24-7 


Grow in your capacity as a leader in our 8-week Burn 24-7 DNA Course, where you will be inspired by global leaders to dream with God for your community, your city, and the nations!


How much does it cost?

Burn 24-7 DNA Course $149

Will I have required homework?

The course is intentionally interactive. It is made for you to engage in the teachings. Each course has its own reflection portion.

Do I have to do the courses all at once?

The DNA Course is go at your own pace! Once you sign-up, you are signed up as long as the course is available.

When can I enroll?

Whenever you want! Join with a friend, or a group. It is set up for you to go deeper.

What if I have problems with the system?

Feel free to contact fieldtraining@theburn247.com with any and all: thoughts, comments, concerns or questions.

Am I the only one taking this course?

No. There are many who have gone before you and many who will go after you. To engage with the students visit our Burn 24/7 Online Field Training Facebook Group!

What topics are covered in the DNA Course?

  • Introduction
  • Burn History
  • Biblical Foundation
  • Revival History
  • Biblical Leadership
  • Supernatural Culture
  • Character & Integrity
  • Burn Practicals
  • Missions
  • Next Steps

BURN 24-7

Burn 24-7 is a worship and prayer movement. It is fulfilling the Great Commandment that leads us into the Great Commission. It is the fire that leads to the fragrance. It is deep intimacy that leads to true advocacy.